Are Discount Cabinets What You're Looking For?

Kitchen cabinet makers began looking for less expensive ways to build their products. Cabinet manufacturers looked into making their product overseas. The standard association known as KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) held the manufacturers to a higher standard of accountability. The KCMA began requiring manufactures to use better materials of higher quality and endurance.

Cabinets had been made primarily of fiberboard or particleboard and staples and dowels held them together. With the veneer surface over the cabinets, they began buckling and warping over time and exposure to water. These cabinets made overseas did not compare to the ones being made in the USA. Now cabinet manufacturing must meet the KCMA standards. Cabinets are being made of solid plywood sides, solid wood faces and door frames with cam locks holding them together. RTA (discount kitchen cabinets) are not cheap any longer. The higher standard to which they are being held is causing more and more companies to import these products, trusting the new-found integrity of the product and keeping the cost down by 2-3 times the amount of the USA product.

Some drawbacks of RTA cabinets include: less styles to choose from, (typically 5-6) and they must be bought as they are called – RTA (ready to assemble) which for some consumers, is a challenge in time and labor. Most RTA cabinets require only a screwdriver to assemble, however.

Now when choosing between cheapest kitchen cabinets, don’t let the retail price fool you. The discounted product may be just the item you’re looking for. You can now get what you pay for in the good sense of the word – thanks to the KCMA and the call for quality!

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